Who Should Dictate the Strategy in Your divorce case?
Who Should Dictate the Strategy in Your divorce case?

Who Should Dictate the Strategy in Your divorce case?

Who Should Dictate the Strategy in Your divorce case?Who Should Dictate the Strategy in Your divorce case?

People are often at logger heads with their divorce lawyer over the strategy to adopt. Who Should Dictate the Strategy in Your divorce case? to take the divorce case forward. They can huff and puff and argue vehemently to make sure the lawyer adopts the strategy they think deserves to be implemented in their court. But at the end of the day, isn’t this the domain of a lawyer to decide what to do and how to operate in a divorce case since it is their core competency? This article answers the question of who should dictate the strategy adopt in your divorce case.

Changing Times

As times change people advising you change, that is the rule of nature and people are expected to follow it. When you were little and had problems in your life, who did you turn to for help? Your family is the most important pillar of strength for people when they are growing up. As you entered into your teenage years, the people advising you change. Now you were more akin to what your friends were saying instead of what your family wanted. Similarly as you grow up, in the professional life you are more likely to accept the advice of a colleague from work, instead of your teenage friend.

The same is the case with divorce. Unless you have gone through a divorce earlier, you are unlikely to know anything of substance about it. Family laws in the state of Texas are complex and it is hard for an average citizen to understand the laws. Only legally qualified lawyers who are well versed with the law are aware of the intricacies of the law and how to use it to their client’s advantage. As a professional, lawyers are well placed to know what strategy is going to work in a court of law and which one can fall flat.

Keep Your Friends and Family out of it

Unless and until you have friends or a family member who is a lawyer, you should refrain from taking their advice when developing your divorce case strategy. Friends and family are positively biased on your side and may end up giving advice that is powered more by passion and love than actual rational thinking.

This is not to say that they have absolutely no case in your divorce case. They are an important part of the divorce strategy because they will act as witnesses, etc. in your divorce case. On top of that, friends and family are your support system to help you get through an emotional rut during your divorce proceedings.

Who Should Decide Your Strategy?

If you want to win your divorce case, you need to make sure that you let your divorce lawyers take the front seat. They should develop the divorce case strategy but it should be done in consultation with you since it is you case and at the end of the day, the case will decide your fate.

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