What is Collaborative Divorce?
What is Collaborative Divorce?

What is Collaborative Divorce?

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Not every couple that has decided to get divorced wants to go through the time consuming, costly, and emotionally draining process of ending their marriage in court. Rather than bicker and fight like cats and dogs, they truly feel they can reach an amicable settlement on a much more informal stage. They simply need an attorney to guide them along the way.

This is what is known as collaborative divorce, and it is one of many options that divorcing couples can use to avoid trial.

How collaborative divorce works

The only way collaborative divorce works is if both parties are committed to a peaceful resolution. It doesn’t matter if there are kids involved or if intricate details need to be ironed out on the division of property or child support — the mindset is that anything can be resolved so that it’s a win-win situation rather than a win-lose.

Just a few basic benefits of collaborative divorce include:

  • Eliminating the need to step into a courtroom
  • Controlled conversations
  • Lawyer assistance
  • Possibly Faster agreements
  • Generally less expensive than a trial
  • Both clients feel like they are in control of the process

All conversations within a collaborative divorce setting take place with attorneys present in a neutral setting such as a conference room or office. Typically, an agenda can be created, and each issue is dealt with one by one. Depending on the circumstances, it may take one meeting to iron everything out or a series of negotiations. Once a settlement has been reached, everything will be put in writing and signed by both parties.

What happens if negotiations break down?

As great as all of this sounds, collaborative divorce may not be the answer for everyone. If negotiations break down, then the only solution left is to go to court.

Keep in mind that if your divorce becomes contested, the attorneys who were part of the collaborative divorce proceedings cannot represent either spouse. This is because they were only brought in to act as advocates and help negotiate a settlement. Therefore, they cannot represent the same clients in court.

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