The 4 “BEs” of Family Law Mediation
The 4 “BEs” of Family Law Mediation

The 4 “BEs” of Family Law Mediation

Family law mediation is an effective way for you and your spouse to divorce amicably and avoid litigation. In fact, clients we work with realize quickly that avoiding a costly and time-consuming trial and the emotions that come from that process is realistic and well within their control — provided that each of you has the same goal in mind.

As a firm, we have enjoyed successfully mediating many family law cases over the years. One case we settled more recently inspired us to write this blog post, which we call the 4 “BEs” of mediation.

The 4 “BEs” of Family Law Mediation


1. BE Selective

Most attorneys have “go-to” mediators. It is wise to match the facts or dynamics of the case and the personalities of the parties involved with the personality or style of a particular mediator. Having the right mediator significantly impacts the chance your case settles, so choose wisely and follow the guidance of your attorney.

2. BE Prepared

Make sure you know what you want in mediation PRIOR to your mediation. Take the time (with the help of your attorney) to prepare a position statement and send it and anything else you want the mediator to review as far before your mediation date as possible. Mediators appreciate it when they know the position of both parties before the mediation begins. Further, it increases the confidence of the parties in the process when the mediator demonstrates that the mediator is familiar with the case.

3. BE Patient

Most mediations take a full eight-hour day, some even longer. The mediator, by necessity, may be in the room with one party longer than the other. You know the other party far better than the mediator, the attorneys, or the judge in your case ever will. So do not get frustrated if the mediator spends more time with the other party. There is a reason for it.

4. BE Open-Minded

Mediation is meant to be a good-faith negotiation. Good mediators and attorneys can devise creative ways to solve issues by thinking “outside the box” if you remain open-minded and aim to resolve your case efficiently and amicably.

Remember the Four “BEs.” If you follow them, you will have a great chance of settling your case.

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