Questions to ask your Estate Planning Attorney
Questions to ask your Estate Planning Attorney

Questions to ask your Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning can look and feel like a double-edged sword for a lot of people. On the one hand, they know getting a plan in place sooner rather than later is one of the most important things they can do. On the other hand, talking about death is a touchy subject, and when you add in the confusion and uncertainty over how to proceed, it can all be overwhelming.

It is the job of every estate planning attorney to walk clients through the intricacies of not only having a plan but putting the right one in place for your specific situation. Here are just a few questions to ask your estate planning attorney:

How long have you been practicing?

The goal is not just to find the most experienced estate planning attorney but also the one that you and your family feel the most comfortable with. Usually, these two factors go hand-in-hand. The most experienced attorney has typically prepared documents for all sorts of situations, faced complicated challenges from the court system, and is compassionate enough to make the process easier to navigate for you and your family.

Which estate planning document is right for me?

Estate planning involves everything from wills and trusts to Powers of Attorney, Burial Directives, and more, so it is likely that you will need more than one of them to cover all your bases. Your estate planning attorney will make every attempt to understand your situation and identify the pros and cons of each document before suggesting which options are the best for you and your family.

How do you charge?

Estate planning attorneys bill by the hour or through a flat fee. Some do both depending on the situation. It is always wise to know the cost of what you are getting into before proceeding.

Do you do reviews and amendments?

This is a big one, as your estate planning needs aren’t meant to be a one-and-done situation. After all, life happens, and things change. For example, you and your spouse could end up having more children or grandchildren who need to be added as beneficiaries. Assets can also change over time, and you may even decide to change who your trustee is. Changes to existing law may also force you to make amendments. Your attorney should be prepared to help you.

What do you need from me?

The relationship you have with an estate planning attorney works both ways. While you want to know as much about them as possible to ensure you’re working with the right person, the attorney needs to know everything about you, your spouse, your family, and your assets. And that’s just for starters. Asking ahead of time what they will need from you sets clear expectations from the get-go and creates a smoother process as you move forward.

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