Quantum Meruit – Defined
Quantum Meruit – Defined

Quantum Meruit – Defined

Quantum MeruitQuantum Meruit – Defined – When a person sues for money they believe they are owed for services rendered when there is an “implied” agreement between them and another party, a judge can settle the dispute using what is called Quantum Meruit.

Quantum Meruit – Defined

Quantum Meruit is Latin for “as much as he has deserved.” Think of it as a fair solution for when a person is owed money for services, but there is no legal contract to back it up. Examples can include everything from a lawyer who provides legal work without a contract to a plumber who performs emergency work for a homeowner. These people should be paid for their services, but often a dispute arises because the fees weren’t discussed beforehand.

Quantum Meruit keeps someone from being unjustly paid for their work, and a judge will typically base their ruling on the reasonable value of the specific services rendered.

To bring a claim for Quantum Meruit, all of the following must be true:
  • The plaintiff provided services and/or materials
  • The services and/or materials were given to the defendant
  • The defendant accepted the services and/or materials
  • The plaintiff gave the defendant reasonable notice that money was owed

Quantum Meruit cannot be used when there is a legally-binding contract that expressly covers payment for products or services, especially when it has been agreed upon by both parties.

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