Preparing for your day first day in a Family Law Court
Preparing for your day first day in a Family Law Court

Preparing for your day first day in a Family Law Court

Preparing for your day first day in a Family Law Court Preparing for your day first day in a Family Law Court

Going through a divorce is one thing and having to visit the court’s hearing is quite another. Family law courts are the place where your divorce cases are heard. They not only hear cases of divorce they are also the place where couples fight a legal battle against one another for assets, child custody, child and spousal support and even physical abuse cases.

If you have to go to the court hearing for the first day hearing of your case in the family law court, as claimant or a defendant, you can be a nervous wreck. Here are a few tips to help you prepare for your family law case in the State of Texas.

Get Your Documents in Order

Yes your lawyer will be the one fighting the case, but you still need to have up-to-date information about your case. On top of that, you need to have all of your documents gathered, sorted and filed together ready to be taken to the court hearing. Lawyers are only humans and they might miss an important piece of evidence if you keep a separate set of up to date documents, you are shoring up your chance of success in the case in the long term.

Dress Formally

Visiting a court for your first hearing is different to a hangout with your friends or even a lunch date. This is a formal place to start with and your dressing sense should portray that. Despite formal dressing not being a pre-requisite for visit a court hearing, it is always best to dress formally, because your first impression on the judge can often be your last impression.

Keep Your Child Away

Courts are not a place where you bring your kids. Kids are generally not allowed in a court room until and unless they are directly involved as witness or a party in a trial. This true because a court room is filled with drama and hate between the two parties, children should be kept away from such hostilities and negative behaviors.


This cannot be stressed enough. The first day in court may send jitters down your body, but it is actually a rather straight forwards affair. You will generally not be allowed to do the talking and instead you’ll only be sitting right next to your lawyer, watching them fight for you in court.

Talk to Your Lawyer

If you are unsure about what to expect in your first ever hearing in a family court, make sure you are talk to someone who knows all about it. Call your lawyer, talk to them and come up to speed with the case and what they are going to present in the first hearing. After that make sure you clear out your confusions about the first day with them so that you can go to court relaxed and fully rational the other day.

These are some of the many ways to prepare for your family law case. Fortunately, if you are living in Flower Mound Texas, Denton Texas or Lewisville Texas you have nothing to fear about, as long as you have Nelson Law Group PC fighting your case, you are well on course for a victory. For more details, please contact Nelson Law Group PC at 972) 808.7227. To find out more about Brett Nelson visit

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