Preparing for Divorce? Align Yourself with These 3 Professionals
Preparing for Divorce? Align Yourself with These 3 Professionals

Preparing for Divorce? Align Yourself with These 3 Professionals

Going through a divorce is never easy, and the odds are high that you will feel extremely overwhelmed as you try to make sense of the best way to move forward, both legally and emotionally.  But one thing you should never feel is alone.

This short blog highlights a few professionals you should seek out immediately when preparing for and moving through a divorce.

The Attorney

Securing reliable legal help is one of the most important things to do when preparing for divorce and one of the first steps. While an attorney is not required, most people do not have the depth of knowledge or experience to represent themselves. This is true in almost all cases because you need to have the experience to know what is a reasonable result with respect to the issues involving children and the financial aspects of the divorce.

Furthermore, even if the agreement is reasonable, you need to have specific knowledge of what words to use and how to use those words to make your agreement enforceable in the event there is a problem later down the line. It can also be more costly if an issue arises and you need to change an order that was not professionally drafted. Experienced family law attorneys are trained and have the real-life experience to know, understand, and defend every nuance of family law, including divorce, child custody, child support, adoption, alimony, property division, and more.

Finally, your lawyer should ensure that you make an informed decision while negotiating the best possible outcome.

Your CPA and Financial Advisor

Seeking help from an expert who knows your finances inside and out is another crucial step when preparing for divorce. Your CPA and/or financial advisor can help you understand your current tax situation and the impact your agreement may have on you in the future. If you are not a financial person, a financial expert can help you understand your financial situation, what you are facing from a financial standpoint after divorce, and help you create a budget.

Counselor, Therapist, or Pastor

Seek guidance from a professional counselor, therapist, priest, pastor, or clergy member. You can visit with a counselor or therapist to help with the emotional piece of divorce. Many churches also have support groups and divorce care classes and may even offer counseling services through their parish. Talk to your divorce attorney. Talk to friends who have overcome their own marital difficulties. A divorce is a significant, life-changing event, and it is hard to understand the hurt that comes from separation and divorce.

For most people, the emotional toll of the death of the relationship is magnified by the stress of the unfamiliarity of the legal process, coupled with fears about the outcome or the unknown. Others experience additional financial stress and concerns over how they will “make it” or how they will handle being a single parent. Whatever the cause of stress is for you, talking through those problems can be of tremendous help during this difficult season of your life.

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We truly believe marriage is worth fighting for. But when divorce is the only answer, you need a trusted, responsive, and compassionate advisor to guide you through each step of the divorce process, helping you deal with the stress that naturally comes with that and creating an environment where you have a sense of peace and feel confident that your divorce is being handled with the best outcome in mind. We work diligently to achieve a result that ensures you receive what you are entitled to as you move forward onto the next stage of your life. Nelson Law Group brings nearly two decades of experience in family law to every case. Let us help you.

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