Nelson Law Roundup: 5 useful blog posts about co-parenting
Nelson Law Roundup: 5 useful blog posts about co-parenting

Nelson Law Roundup: 5 useful blog posts about co-parenting

Per the loyal clients and avid readers of our blog, some of the more informative posts we have shared over the years have dove head-first into the topic of co-parenting. Parenting — and the demands that come with it — is hard. It’s even more complicated when you’ve divorced and a new co-parenting relationship with your former spouse begins.

Everything is about ensuring your children are at the forefront of every decision. But it can be difficult to know whether or not you’re doing it right. Below is a roundup of five useful blog posts about co-parenting to help ease the confusion.

6 tips for a successful co-parenting relationship

You as the parent need to reflect on what you’re saying, doing, or otherwise communicating to your kids – either directly or indirectly — through your actions or inactions. If you don’t, the damage will be so great that the emotional baggage alone will burden those kids for the rest of their life. The key to a positive co-parenting relationship is to be positive in both your thoughts AND actions. Here are six tips to help you be as successful as possible.

5 benefits of co-parenting after divorce

In this post, we share the benefits of a successful co-parenting relationship, especially when you have put those previous six tips into practice in the link above. Hint: it’s all about giving your kids the stability, security, and close relationships they need with both parents.

Co-parenting apps you need to know about

Even people who claim to be on the same page still struggle to manage schedules, improve their decision-making, track expenses, improve their organization skills, and just be better parents. The good news is that you’re not alone. Also, there’s an app for that. Check out these neat co-parenting apps.

5 tips for successful co-parenting during the holidays

Co-parenting during the holidays can be a bigger challenge for a divorced family than you think. You’re working hard already to split parental duties throughout the year, but now you have higher expectations to create a happy holiday season for your children. That can get a little messy when factoring in separate holiday travel plans, grandparents and other relatives from both sides who want to see the kids, and various parties and functions that need to be planned. The good news is everything will work out just fine if you both keep your eyes on what’s most important.

Co-parenting after divorce: 4 ways to make the most out of your time with the kids

How visitation schedules are agreed upon post-divorce differs from family to family and may or may not allow for much flexibility. That is why it is important to make the most of the time you do have with your children. Read this blog post for some helpful tips on how to give your kids the best experience possible.

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