Is There a Difference Between Legal Information and Legal Advice?
Is There a Difference Between Legal Information and Legal Advice?

Is There a Difference Between Legal Information and Legal Advice?

When you or a loved one are facing a legal problem for the first time, it is only natural to seek out resources that might shed light on the law, prepare you for the road ahead, and perhaps guide you toward the best possible outcome. With that goal in mind, it is important to know exactly what you are looking for: legal information or legal advice.

Contrary to what you might think, these terms are not one and the same. And not knowing the difference could mean only having access to general information rather than a lawyer with vast knowledge of the law, your situation, and the best ways to move forward.

What is the difference between legal information and legal advice?

There is nothing wrong with seeking legal information from a qualified source on divorce, child support disputes, breach of contract claims, personal injury matters, and more. Doing so answers many of your questions. It can also ease concerns and possibly give you an idea of what to expect next — but only in general terms. No two legal cases or situations are exactly the same, and the person who published the content is speaking to a larger audience. Therefore, legal information is simply meant to educate and inform on a broader scale, not provide solutions that satisfy the complexities of your specific case.

Examples of where legal information can commonly be found include the following:

  • A law firm’s website (all of them should have disclaimers that state such information does not constitute legal advice)
  • Content from blogs, white papers, and newsletters
  • Podcasts, television, and radio
  • Replies to questions on online legal forums and chats
  • Suggestions from friends and family
  • Social media

On the other hand, legal advice is a formal opinion of the law and how it relates to a particular factual situation. This advice can be directly obtained from a lawyer who has taken the time to understand the facts of your case and analyze applicable law to determine the best course of action moving forward.

Examples of legal advice include:

  • Receiving a professional opinion on what has happened, will happen, and how to solve the problem
  • Representing you throughout the process, including the possibility of going to court
  • Gathering information and drafting legal documents
  • Speculating on the outcome of a client’s case and planning out next steps
  • Negotiating on your behalf

While general legal information might help you or a loved one in the short term, a lawyer’s legal advice is often more appropriate. The lawyer’s job is to represent you in your legal situation, be aware of any changes in legislation or law that may impact your case, and then tailor an approach that will result in the best possible outcome.

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