How And When Do I Tell People We Are Getting A Divorce?
How And When Do I Tell People We Are Getting A Divorce?

How And When Do I Tell People We Are Getting A Divorce?

You’ve lived by the credo that you and your family’s business is exactly that — your business. No one needs to know every detail of what is going on in your world. But when you’re getting a divorce, it’s only a matter of time before rumors spread, and people start asking questions. So, you may ask, how and when do I tell people we are getting a divorce?

This is a hard question since everyone’s situation is different, but below are a few suggestions to get you started:

Start with the people who should know

When wondering how and when to tell people you are getting a divorce, start with the people who know you best rather than the ones who aren’t on a need-to-know basis. Those who should know and can comfort you during this time are family and very close friends.

Share in person

It may seem scary at first, but face to face is the way to go. It gives you a chance to be upfront and direct about the situation, and when your emotions get the best of you, the people you are confiding in can console you.

Practice ahead of time

While you may think that you know exactly what needs to be said, the odds are high that you’ll stumble over a few things and even get too caught up in your emotions. This is where planning ahead is critical. Choose your words carefully ahead of time, write it down, and keep it short. Remember, your privacy is still important.

Don’t rush

While the first three suggestions on this list are pretty solid, remember that telling everyone that you are getting a divorce should be on your terms. There is no need to rush — even if you hear the whispers, and people are asking if you are okay. There’s nothing wrong with taking your time and confirming the news when you are ready.

Practice “less is more” on social media

It’s easy to blast out all the juicy details on Facebook, but remember that social media is not your friend when you are getting a divorce. If you want to put something out there, consider being a bit more subtle and simply change your relationship status to single.

Take your time

Regardless of who you decide to tell, give this conversation the time it deserves. Everyone is bound to have questions, and you will need time to decide which ones are appropriate to answer and which ones are not. Meanwhile, you will need time to share your feelings effectively.

Avoid the blame game

Regardless of who is to blame for the divorce, be kind, honest, and sensitive. Don’t play the blame game when you share the news. And don’t use anger and resentment to make yourself look or feel better.

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