Here’s who you should really be talking to if you’re thinking about divorce
Here’s who you should really be talking to if you’re thinking about divorce

Here’s who you should really be talking to if you’re thinking about divorce

Here’s who you should really be talking to if you’re thinking about divorce. There are many people out there who get so committed to the idea of divorce once the thought enters their mind that human nature takes over and they stay true to that solution simply to stick to their guns. Their perspective on reality is lost, and on top of that, they’re talking to the wrong people.

They’re talking to the neighbor who went through a nasty divorce a year earlier, the sister who never liked her brother-in-law to begin with, and even friends on Facebook who are quick to offer divorce advice based solely on emotion.

Everyone has a perspective, and that’s OK. But here’s who you should really be talking to if you’re thinking about divorce.

People with strong marriages

Marriage is hard, even for the people you think have everything figured out. It is those people you should be talking to because it is their ability to stand side-by-side as a family through good times and bad that has made their marriage stronger. More often than not, they can inject a healthy perspective into a bleak situation to improve your decision making and show you why your marriage is worth fighting for.

Your pastor

Marriage is a covenant relationship between two people and God. There’s no better person to help you understand that than your pastor. Your pastor will speak to you and your spouse without judgment or prejudice and help you work through the biblically accepted grounds for divorce. They will help you see if God can help you find a way to save your marriage.

People who chose not to get divorced

Unlike the neighbor who went through the nasty divorce, these are couples who faced the exact same battles you are going through (infidelity, distrust, financial struggles, etc.), pondered divorce, and found a way to reconcile. How did they do it? What changed in their relationship? Is it really that easy? These are questions you can find answers to, which is critical if you’re thinking about divorce.

People who are great at listening

Everyone wants to hand out advice these days, but there’s something to be said for friends and family who are gracious enough with their time to just listen. We all need to unload our emotions and our fears, especially if we are thinking about divorce. And many times, getting everything off your chest in a safe setting will allow you to take a step back and decide if divorce really is the answer – without the person you’re talking to ever saying a word.

Your lawyer

Your lawyer is not only a great person to confide in, but they can also give practical and sound advice while walking you through the legal steps of a divorce. They can point out things you may not be considered, such as the financial implications of divorce and the possibility of not seeing your kids as often. Your family lawyer should be compassionate about families and the impact a divorce has on the people who make up that family.

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A divorce is a significant, life-changing event. For most people, the emotional toll of the death of the relationship is magnified by the stress of the unfamiliarity of the legal process, coupled with fears about the outcome. Others experience additional financial stress and concerns over how they will “make it” or how they will handle being a single parent. Whatever the cause of the stress, you need a trusted advisor to guide you through each stage of your divorce and work diligently to achieve a result that ensures you receive what you are entitled to and need to move forward onto the next stage of your life. Nelson Law Group, PC is invested in you and your family, but we also know the law.

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