Getting divorced? Here Are 4 Things To Avoid Posting On Social Media
Getting divorced? Here Are 4 Things To Avoid Posting On Social Media

Getting divorced? Here Are 4 Things To Avoid Posting On Social Media

Avoid Posting On Social Media. Whether it is Facebook or another popular platform, social media is a great place to share what is going on in your world. It is also a great place to catch up with friends and family, connect with your favorite businesses, and, when time allows, lose yourself in something other than the craziness of everyday life. Hence the reason why everyone is doing it!

But when things are not going so well in your life — such as getting a divorce — it is easy to not think twice about airing your dirty laundry. After all, you’ve shared everything else, so why not this? The problem is that in moments of anger, sadness, or rage, we tend to say all sorts of wild things. And regardless of whether or not it is true, it is not just your soon-to-be-ex who sees it. Everyone sees it, which can quickly turn your own social media accounts into your worst enemy.

What you posted can and will come back to bite you in court.

Need a few examples? Here are at least 4 things to avoid posting on social media when getting divorced:

  1. Anything where you talk negatively about your spouse

It may feel good to post something negative on social media that destroys your spouse’s reputation — maybe they cheated on you or created some sort of massive financial hardship for the family. You want everyone to know, and in many ways, doing so may just help you emotionally. But you are actually hurting yourself, too, as these posts can be used as evidence against you in the divorce. For example, your mental health could be called into question if you are coming across as depressed or violent. If you have kids, someone could accuse you of being a bad parent and complicate how a judge rules in a custody battle. It could also hurt the relationship you have with your kids. If you are badmouthing your spouse on social media, the odds are high that you will be comfortable doing the same thing in front of your children. You need to remember that your children are a combination of you and your spouse. When you bash your spouse, you are indirectly bashing the children.

  1. Sharing legal information

You should only be sharing and discussing legal matters about your divorce with your lawyer. This includes details on how fast or slow the divorce is going, what anyone said in mediation, meetings, or in various documents, strategies you and your lawyer may soon have in place, court appearances, and any other sensitive information. If you must discuss these issues with someone, stay away from social media, emails, texts, etc.

  1. New relationships

It is important to move on as best as you can after a divorce. But if you have chosen to enter into a new relationship with another person, and your divorce is not final, it can be frowned upon if you start posting happy pictures or comments about your new relationship on social media. Remember, there is no telling who will ultimately see your posts. Even if you are not connected with someone on social media, nothing is stopping a friend or family member from sharing that information with your spouse or someone else who will.

  1. Anything that incriminates you

This can encompass all sorts of things, such as using a joint bank account to go on a shopping spree, claiming that you are out of work but then post pictures of a new car you just bought, and even a post that clearly shows that you are violating a court order. If your lawyer or a judge tells you not to do something, and then you do it anyway — AND post proof on social media — you will quickly find yourself in hot water.

Social media should be a fun place to connect with people. So have at it! But it is equally important to remember that social media is not your friend. And if used irresponsibly, it can wreak havoc on your divorce. These were just a few of the things to avoid posting on social media when you are getting divorced. There are so many others that you might be better served to use social media sparingly until you regain a sense of normalcy.

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