Getting Divorced? Don’t make these 3 technology mistakes
Getting Divorced? Don’t make these 3 technology mistakes

Getting Divorced? Don’t make these 3 technology mistakes

Technology is great. Not only is information always at our fingertips, but communicating by phone, text, email, social media, etc. has made life easier. With that said, there are cons to everything. Because we live in such a connected world, it’s easy to get too comfortable with the access we have. Our reliance on it can cause us to make unintended technology mistakes that seem harmless at first but can eventually be used against us — especially during a divorce.

Getting divorced? Don’t make these three technology mistakes:

  1. Forgetting to change passwords

We use passwords for everything, whether for bank logins, social media accounts, cellphones, and even email accounts. And the goal is simple: to keep our information safe. When married, it’s not uncommon for spouses to share these passwords with each other. And there is nothing wrong with that — until you find yourself getting divorced. Time and time again, divorcing couples forget to change passwords that their soon-to-be former spouse can access.

When you make this pivotal technology mistake, you’re allowing your spouse to read emails between you and your lawyer any time they want and even gain access to bank accounts that you no longer want them to have access to. Change all of your passwords to every online account you can think of, and make sure they are all different.

  1. Posting on social media

Using social media when you’re getting divorced isn’t bad unless you lose track of what you’re putting out there. It may feel good to post something that destroys your spouse’s reputation, and it may not seem bad to share details about your case with friends and family. But this is a technology mistake, as these posts can be used as evidence against you in the divorce. For example, your mental health could be called into question if you are coming across as depressed or violent. If you have kids, someone could accuse you of being a bad parent and complicate how a judge rules in a custody battle.

Remember, social media is not your friend. It’s also not as private as you think. The general rule of thumb is to limit your activity on social media during your divorce.

  1. Sending angry texts

We’ve written a lot about the importance of keeping your emotions in check when you’re getting divorced. Obviously, this is easier said than done, but if you want to achieve your goals in your divorce case, it’s important to think as rationally as possible in every situation. This includes technology mistake No. 3 — texting with your spouse. Think before you text your spouse, as anything you say is essentially word-for-word hard evidence against you and you must assume that it will be read by your judge!

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