Friend of the Court – Defined
Friend of the Court – Defined

Friend of the Court – Defined

Friend of the Court – DefinedFriend of the Court – Defined – In a family law case, an individual or entity who wishes to, or is appointed by a court, to provide legal information or action that can influence the outcome is known as a friend of the court.

A friend of the court is different from an intervenor in that they do not have a direct interest in the outcome of the case. They are not a party in the suit, nor have they been solicited by a party in the suit. Their existence is merely to aid the court in delivering a just and right outcome.

Examples of a friend of the court include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • A domestic-relations office
  • A local child-support-collection office
  • An advocacy group
  • A local court official who can enforce actions
  • An attorney in good standing with the State Bar of Texas

An example of where a friend of the court can be beneficial is when a court needs to enforce a child-support order by contempt. Essentially, the court can appoint a friend of the court through its own motion, or through the request of a person alleging a child-support order has been violated.

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