Divorce Decree – Defined
Divorce Decree – Defined

Divorce Decree – Defined

We hear the term divorce decree a lot when talking about divorce. But not everyone knows what it means. Is it simply a judge declaring, “Okay, you’re divorced,” or is it an actual document? And if it is an actual document, how is it different from every other piece of paper included in the divorce process?

A divorce decree is the most important document in the divorce process. Not only is it signed by a judge to symbolize the Court’s final ruling and judgment order to make your divorce official, but it also spells out the terms of your divorce.

A divorce decree typically includes any of the following:

  • Child support — Who pays, the payment terms, etc.
  • Child custody — Parental decision making, visitation schedules, domestic violence ramifications, etc.
  • Division of property — Questions over what is yours vs. what is mine, etc.
  • Debt division — Who is responsible for which debt, ability to pay questions, etc.
  • Other provisions — Questions regarding taxes, attorney fees, court costs, etc.

It is very important that your divorce decree be accurate, fair, and account for as much as humanly possible in regards to setting the final terms for the end of your marriage.

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