Determining Child-Custody Can Mean So Many Things
Determining Child-Custody Can Mean So Many Things

Determining Child-Custody Can Mean So Many Things

Determining Child-CustodyDetermining Child-Custody Can Mean So Many Things – Family law cases can quickly become the most contentious type of civil action, especially when you are dealing with child custody. In these cases, the Court must decide who will have the right to make important legal decisions for the child, where the child will live full-time, and what periods of possession the non-primary parent will enjoy. As we’ve said time and time again, these decisions are made based on what the court feels are in the child’s best interest.

This decision is a complex, fact-driven determination where the Court seeks to provide a stable and caring home for the child while promoting a meaningful relationship with the other parent.

So when we speak of child-custody determination, that “term” can mean so many things. Let’s discuss.

Determining Child-Custody Defined

A child-custody determination is a judgment by the court that sets in place legal custody, physical custody, or visitation of a child. The judgment does not have to expressly mention the word “custody” to qualify as a child-custody determination and can result from a suit to establish conservatorship of a child, a suit for possession of and access to a child, and/or a suit to terminate the parent-child relationship.

Legal Custody

When we say this, we mean who will have managing conservatorship of a child.

Physical Custody

This gives a parent or non-parent the ability to provide physical care and supervision of a child.


This refers to the possession of or access to a child.

A child-custody determination can be a permanent, temporary, original, or modified order. It DOES NOT have anything to do with actual child-support payments or monetary obligations.

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