Can you legally adopt an adult?
Can you legally adopt an adult?

Can you legally adopt an adult?

Can you legally adopt an adultCan you legally adopt an adult? – We see all the time in movies, on social media, or while watching the news where a child is legally adopted into a loving, caring home. As a family lawyer, I’ve always enjoyed watching this scenario unfold: you have a child who is desperately in need of a family and prospective parents who desire nothing more than to be the answer to those prayers.

Adoption is a win-win for everyone. And believe it or not, the same adoption opportunities are available to adults.

Why adopt an adult?

First thing’s first, the legal definition of an adult in Texas is someone who is over the age of 18. They can make decisions on their own and are afforded all the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. One of those rights, if they so choose, is to be adopted and become legally part of a family. The process is the same as when a minor is adopted; the only thing that is needed is the written consent of all parties.

There is a myriad of reasons why an adult would adopt another adult, or an adult would choose to be adopted:

  • The adult being adopted requires special care (disabled, mentally challenged, etc.)
  • To formalize an existing parent-child relationship (example: foster parents, step-parents, reunited with birth family)
  • To establish legal inheritance

The effect of adoption

The legal process for adoption of a minor or an adult is usually straightforward, but it’s important to note that a court cannot grant a petition for adoption unless all parties agree in writing. Occasionally, there is a need for an attorney, and if so, Nelson Law Group PC wants to be your first call.

There is a lot more that goes into this conversation. Give our knowledgeable team here at Nelson Law Group, PC a call if you have any further questions regarding this – or any other – issue. Our team is always available.

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