Can I Change My Last Name During My Divorce Instead of After?
Can I Change My Last Name During My Divorce Instead of After?

Can I Change My Last Name During My Divorce Instead of After?

Can I Change My Last Name During My Divorce Instead of After?

There are many reasons why someone would want to legally change their last name, with perhaps one of the more common instances being after a divorce. But several female clients have asked us recently if it is possible to request a name change as their divorce is being finalized.

The answer is yes. Rather than wait to go back to your maiden name, you can have your name change included in the divorce decree. A name change is not automatic, however. You must request it in your divorce petition.

If approved, you can use it for all legal purposes without going through additional steps.

The divorce decree can be used as evidence to request changes to IDs and other documents such as your:

  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security card
  • Passport
  • Other government- or state-issued IDs
  • And more. …

Name changes are common beyond divorce

Adults legitimately choose to change their legal names following a marriage or divorce. But they may also request a full name change for other reasons, such as religious and political beliefs. Some people even change their name because they do not like them. Here are more reasons to request a name change:

  • Combining or hyphenating surnames to form a new one
  • Ease of pronunciation or spelling
  • Professional or career-related decision (example: performers, actors)
  • Transgender name changes

Once a name change is approved, you can use it for all legal purposes. At the same time, changing your adult name does not get you out of any legal liabilities you may be involved in under your original name or undo any rights you already have. It merely allows you to move forward under a new adult name.

What are the steps involved?

If you did not change your last name during your divorce, simply complete an adult name change at the county courthouse in the county you currently reside and fill out a Petition to Change Name of an Adult. Free self-help court forms are available at

These name change petition forms must include:

  • Your current name and contact information (including address)
  • Whether or not you are subject to the sex-offender-registration requirements
  • The reason for the name change
  • Your new requested name
  • A set of your fingerprints
  • Whether or not you object to an associate judge hearing the trial on the merits
  • Legal verification

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