Are You Ready for Divorce? Here are 8 Possible Signs!
Are You Ready for Divorce? Here are 8 Possible Signs!

Are You Ready for Divorce? Here are 8 Possible Signs!

No one wants to admit their marriage is over. But here you are, in a relationship that feels like it has been stuck in neutral for long enough. And you cannot help but wonder if now is the time to call it quits. But are you really ready for divorce?

For many people, that can be a tricky question to answer. Sometimes, the signs are obvious, such as repeated affairs, financial distrust, or family violence where you and your children are in danger. Other times, the signs are not as clear-cut. As a result, you might second-guess yourself and believe the marriage might be worth saving. And it very well could be worth saving.

That said, we know divorce is a necessary reality for many couples and want to help you be confident in your decision.


Are you ready for divorce? Here are 8 possible signs.


1. You tried everything

If you tried talking it out, completed counseling, visited with your pastor, and sought guidance from family members who were in your shoes before, and you still are not getting anywhere, then that is one of the signs that you might be ready for divorce. A marriage is worth fighting for, so be sure you have exhausted every resource.

2. Lack of communication

Communicating with your spouse should come naturally. If your spouse does not make time to talk to you, does not listen when you speak, or both of you do not want to share things like how your day went or what you are feeling or going through, you should try your best to figure out why and how to fix it. If not, you may be ready for divorce.

3. Divorce is constantly on your mind

Perhaps you have been thinking about divorce more and more, or you have begun to realize how much happier your life will be once you are no longer in this situation. This happens a lot when people are facing difficulties in their marriage, and there is little to no chance that those feelings will change. If so, it may be time to proceed.

4. No intimacy

More than sex, lack of intimacy includes kissing, hugging, hand-holding, and showing interest in your partner. If you cannot bring yourself to show affection, or your spouse is not fulfilling your needs, divorce may be the answer.

5. Your spouse is unwilling to fix the problem

It is great if you want to try everything to save your marriage. But when you are the only one putting forth the effort, especially if your spouse has expressly stated and shown that they no longer care and are not trying, your marriage may be over. The problems that got you here are often too much for one person to overcome alone.

6. You both agree that divorce is the answer

Many couples are on the same page regarding divorce. You both feel disconnected, and you are not even fighting anymore, which clearly shows neither of you is interested in growing as a couple and repairing the relationship. So, if you are both thinking about it, you are ready for divorce.

7. You cannot forgive

A spouse who cheats once and shows remorse can be forgiven and taken back by their spouse, provided they both continue to work on what tore them apart in the first place. But it may be time to move on if you cannot forgive your spouse.

8. Your children will be better off

Children are always stuck in the middle when parents fight. So ask yourself, “Will my children be better off and feel more secure?” If you can say they will, then now may be the right time to get a divorce.

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