An Attorney’s Role as Counselor at Law — What Does That Mean?
An Attorney’s Role as Counselor at Law — What Does That Mean?

An Attorney’s Role as Counselor at Law — What Does That Mean?

While sitting in a team meeting recently, one of our attorneys glanced up at their law license on the wall and noticed the words “Attorney and Counselor at Law” staring back at them. The “counselor” aspect has always been a trademark of our client-focused approach at Nelson Law Group, PC, though many people new to hiring an attorney may not realize this is the case.

The public often views attorneys as warriors, hired guns … bulls in the courtroom. And sometimes, this is true. After all, law school teaches us to be that way — especially when staunchly defending our client’s rights.

Courtroom fights are sensationalized on television, in movies, and the media. But it often neglects the compassionate side.

What Does Counselor at Law Mean?

Being a counselor at law means developing relationships and ensuring the client feels nurtured, supported, and serviced from the first day they walk in for a consultation to the day their case closes and beyond. Team members, from the receptionist to the paralegals, firm partners, and the lawyer handling your case, get to know you and the details of your situation before moving forward. You should be able to tell if a family law firm is client-focused as soon as you call.

A counselor at law is also solutions-minded. They use words like “we” and “us” instead of “you” and “your.”

They are working toward a common goal. They are also invested in your case and eager to provide solutions.

An experienced attorney and counselor is a good listener and gathers the necessary information to help the client achieve their goals. And this may or may not involve litigation. After hearing your story, the attorney can discuss options and, if necessary, develop a litigation strategy. It is critical that you are honest in your consultation with your attorney so they can develop a plan for you.

Even if litigation occurs, the attorney’s role as counselor continues in the form of guiding you through the complex legal process of a divorce, discussing strategy, settlement options, and other emotional issues that may arise.

It is not an overstatement to say that as a counselor at law, we use our knowledge and skill to heal — not just the immediate problem presented to us but the person as well. In a very real sense, society benefits as well from this counselor approach. And we should not underestimate the professional fulfillment we derive from our privilege to serve in this capacity.

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