About Addison Texas
About Addison Texas

About Addison Texas

About Addison TexasAbout Addison Texas

About Addison Texas – It was settled in 1846 and named after Addison Robertson, who served as a postmaster. The first industry was a cotton gin, which opened in 1902 on Addison road. Addison today is a suburb on the outskirts of Dallas with a population of around 13,000 people. Although the population is small, daytime population reaches up to 100,000 people due the Addison airport being located here.

Business in Addison Texas

About Addison Texas – Also, alcohol can be served in Addison restaurants, while in surrounding towns this is not common. Addison is a highly commercial area; residents enjoy a multitude of unique activities not common in other suburbs. Twenty-two weekends out of the year, Addison holds special events residents and visitors can enjoy; that is equivalent to 150 events per year.

The Water Tower Theatre

About Addison Texas – The Water Tower Theatre produces plays and musicals and hosts the annual Out of the Loop Festival. This theatre has been named the best theatre in Dallas by D Magazine. Cavanaugh Flight Museum displays a collection of aircraft collection from World War I. Addison Circle Park is a venue for several seasonal outdoors events such as a fun food event Fork and Cork.

Addison Improvisation Comedy Club

About Addison Texas – The Addison Improvisation Comedy Club is another unique venue where some of the most acclaimed comedians in the industry perform. Addison is a thriving city and is so technologically progressive it was named Google’s 2014 E-City for the State of Texas.

Addison Entrepreneur Friendly

About Addison, Texas – Smart entrepreneurs choose Addison due to the city’s unique partnership with The DEC, Addison Treehouse, a great opportunity for small businesses. As well as being technology and business savvy, the city has the largest amount of restaurants per capita than any city in the United States. Addison is a suburb with great opportunity and room for financial and personal growth whether one is starting a business or a family.

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