8 Useful blog posts about Marriage
8 Useful blog posts about Marriage

8 Useful blog posts about Marriage

8 Useful blog posts about MarriageNelson Law Roundup: 8 Useful blog posts about Marriage – When a prospective client walks into a family law attorney’s office, many of them already have their minds made up about their marriage struggles and see divorce as the only alternative. Even the ones who don’t want to get divorced feel as if they have no control over their new path, and that it’s the lawyer’s job to see everything through to the end.

Divorce is a big piece of what we do here at Nelson Law Group, PC in Flower Mound, TX, but I view my role as an attorney differently from most, mainly because of my outlook on marriage and the idea that the grass is greener where you water it.

Marriage is a covenant relationship between two people and God, and it is worth fighting for. It’s your ability to stand side-by-side as a family, and in your faith with God, through good times and bad that makes your marriage stronger. At our office, we seek to provide counsel in a variety of areas, so that our clients not only understand the consequences of their decisions and that being married is hard work but also feel like they have a true legal partner.

If we can save a marriage, or at least send someone down a more productive path, then we have truly done our job.

We are proud to say our library of blog posts on this topic and more is not only as comprehensive as it gets but also breaks all the conversations down into bite-sized pieces everyone can understand.

Below is a roundup of 8 useful blog posts about Marriage:

Top 5 Actions To Create A Stronger Marriage

My career as a family lawyer has afforded me the unique opportunity to evaluate relationships between people from most ethnic, social, and economic backgrounds. This experience has led me to five inescapable actions that we must take if we are going to create stronger relationships.

5 Things You Should Do After An Argument With Your Spouse

As a family lawyer, the spousal arguments I see truly run the gamut and most people feel the answer to some of the most egregious ones is divorce. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Not all arguments need to end in divorce.

What Are The Pros And Cons of Having A Prenuptial Agreement?

While not mandatory according to any law, many people feel premarital agreements, or prenups, are necessary and base them on their specific relationship or current situation. But as Hamlet once said, therein lies the rub. Do you really need it, and have you thought about both the pros and cons to signing one?

The Pros And Cons Of Common Law Marriage

Most people tend to go for the ceremonial option with a priest in a church with groomsmen and bridesmaids. There are plenty of couples who are in long-term relationships and ultimately choose the common-law marriage route. What does that mean, exactly? This blog post will explain.

Final Thoughts On The All-Important Marriage License

A marriage license is a document issued by a state authority and authorizes a couple to marry. The state in which a couple gets married holds the record of that marriage, but the “union” itself is recognized across the country. This blog dives into more details on the importance of a marriage license.

Family Rights And Duties: For Better Or For Worse

If you are thinking about getting married, remember that marriage is not only a sacred institution – it is a legal contract. When you utter those wonderful vows, the law automatically calls for additional rights and obligations for both spouses.

Let’s discuss the obligations that arise from both the marriage relationship and the parent-child relationship.

Marriage Confusion: What Is Putative Marriage?

Marriage is a sacred and wonderful institution between two people who love each other. But it can also be the basis for plenty of confusion in the legal system, especially if entered into unlawfully. Believe it or not, illegal marriages happen all the time. And one is called Putative Marriage.

Minors Getting Married? Yes, It Is Legal

The laws of Texas do provide minors with the “opportunity” to apply for a marriage license. A person who is under 18 (a “minor”) can get a marriage license only by obtaining parental consent, petitioning for a court order, or showing that an earlier marriage has been dissolved. Now to make sense of all that in bite-sized pieces.

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