8 Useful Blog Posts about Child Support
8 Useful Blog Posts about Child Support

8 Useful Blog Posts about Child Support

Blog Posts about Child SupportChild support is a periodic payment made by one parent for the benefit of a child following the end of a marriage. In a perfect world, the obligated parent simply pays the other to cover necessary expenses for the child, and life goes on. But as we’ve discussed many times on our Nelson Law Group, PC blog, there’s a lot more that goes into these suits.

We’re proud to say our library of blog posts on this topic and more is not only as comprehensive as it gets but also breaks all of the conversations down into bite-sized pieces everyone can understand.

Below is a roundup of 8 of our more noteworthy blog posts about child support.

What Is Child Support And Why Does A Court Require It To Be Paid?

This blog post covers what child support is and why a court requires it to be paid. Child support cases can get rather contentious, but if you keep in mind that this support is designed to benefit your child and that it costs money to raise a child, it may help you maintain your perspective and avoid protracted battles over support.

Child Support VS. Medical Support – They Are Different

Both are under the umbrella of child support but are completely different in terms of what they cover. This blog goes over the subtle differences between child support and medical support.

Does Child Support For An Adult Disabled Child Exist?

A parent’s duty to pay child support still exists when that child reaches adulthood yet is unable to realistically care for and support themselves because of a mental disability or physical ailment. The court will use the same child-support guidelines to calculate payment, but it must also take into consideration other factors, which are explained in this blog.

Child Support: Intentional Unemployment And Underemployment

Child Support is a court-ordered payment, so if a judge says you have to pay, you must pay what they tell you to pay or make arrangements to have those payments adjusted to meet your situation. This is especially true for parents who are intentionally unemployed or underemployed. This blog discusses what that means.

Child Support Obligations Enforceable By Contempt

A court can enforce a child support obligation by contempt if someone has either fallen behind on payments or flat-out refuses to pay. The bottom line is the consequences of being held in contempt of court range from stiff fines to jail time or both. You do not want this to happen to you.

4 Ways To Avoid A Child-Support Enforcement Case

There are four ways to avoid a child-support enforcement case altogether, and trust us when we say it’s not rocket science. This blog is chock full of useful information for anyone who is involved in a child-custody case.

Child-Support Liens

If a former spouse owes money in child-support (current, retroactive, past due, etc.), the party who is in charge of caring for their children has the ability to request a lien be placed on the obligated party’s property to collect unpaid child support. This blog defines what a lien is and what real or personal property can be affected by it.

What Are Suits To Modify Custody Or Child Support?

There are a variety of reasons to seek a modification, including the need to accommodate scheduling conflicts, illnesses, and other circumstances. But the ultimate goal is to do so with the best interest of a child at heart.

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