8 Useful Blog Posts about Child Custody
8 Useful Blog Posts about Child Custody

8 Useful Blog Posts about Child Custody

Child CustodyChild Custody – Family law covers a variety of legal issues, from marriage and divorce to child custody and domestic violence. We’re proud to say our library of blog posts on all these topics and more is not only as comprehensive as it gets but also breaks all of them down into bite-sized pieces everyone can understand.

With that said, our library has grown significantly over the last few years and can be a bit much for readers who may only be looking for a specific subject matter. To help with that, we’ll be posting roundups of some of the more common topics.

Below is a roundup of 8 of our more noteworthy blog posts about child custody.

Child Custody Laws in Texas Consider the Best Interests of a Child

Since children are collateral damage of all divorce settlements, their mental and emotional state is the primary concern of the presiding judge. The court will consider the ability of both the parents to raise the child, the stability of the home, as well as each parent’s future plan to raise the child.

4 Types of Child Custody

Once two spouses have decided to call it quits in their relationship, the court needs to decide who gets the child and how the child’s custody will be shared among the two parents. This article outlines the four types of child custody in Texas.

Elements of a Child Custody Evaluation

It is the goal of any court to do what is in the best interest of a child. That includes performing a child custody evaluation when there are serious enough concerns regarding who should care for the child. This blog post goes over the basic elements of the evaluation and what the investigator is looking for.

Child Custody Determination

Suits affecting the parent-child relationship are detailed and emotion-filled. How could they not be? It is a slippery slope where the court – not you – must decide what is in the best interest of your child. It is fact driven and, in some cases, can lead to the complete termination of a parent-child relationship.

Terminating the Parent-Child Relationship – Inability to care for child

Many times, the parent(s) isn’t intentionally endangering their child but readily admits they are unable to care for the child because of their own physical or mental problems. That is the focus of this blog post.

Child-Custody Determination and Inconvenient Forum

Courts in all states have just as much power to make final legal decisions and judgments that directly impact cases inside their jurisdiction as they do “saying no to ruling on something” if they believe another court hearing the case will be in the best interest of the child.

Child-Custody Determination – No Home State

A court generally has jurisdiction over a child-custody determination case if that child’s established “home state” is the same as the court. But what if the child has no home state?

What are Suits to Modify Custody or Child Support

This blog will broadly discuss the two types of modifications: a suit to modify conservatorship, possession, or access and a suit to modify child support. We will also lay out the acceptable grounds (reasons) for each modification suit.

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