6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Divorce
6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Divorce

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Divorce

A few short months ago, we wrote a blog post listing out reasons why you don’t want a divorce, and here we are posting reasons why you should consider divorce. That might come across as giving mixed signals, but trust us when we say we still believe marriage is worth fighting for — even during the most difficult of times. But as family law attorneys, we must also recognize that not every marriage can or should be saved. Yes, there are times where you should consider divorce.

Perhaps the reasons for divorce are as simple as you’re never going to see eye to eye, or that one spouse’s trust has been broken beyond repair. In other cases, the problems in your marriage put everyone’s welfare at risk.

Here are 6 reasons why you should consider divorce.

Infidelity is a recurring problem

A spouse who cheats once and shows remorse can be forgiven and taken back by their spouse, and the marriage can be saved provided that they both continue to work on what tore them apart in the first place. If a spouse continues to cheat, lie, and add insult to injury behind your back, there is little you can or should do.

You’re arguing more often

All couples fight, but if it’s over the same unresolved issues for months and years at a time, and you’re not making any progress, then divorce may be the answer.

One spouse refuses to fix the problem

We have seen marriages that are on the rocks rebound from a litany of complex problems, and the reason for that is that each spouse was committed to fixing the problem. If one spouse no longer cares and isn’t trying, then the problems that exist become too much for one to overcome alone. If you’ve been doing all the heavy lifting in the relationship for months or years and not getting anything in return, you should consider divorce.

You or your children are in danger

Family violence is a real thing. These scary, and at times life-threatening, situations and the emotional cases that follow happen more often than you think and include everything from emotional abuse to grabbing and shoving, sexual abuse, and assault with a weapon. If you are in this situation, not only should you consider divorce, but you need to get as far away from your spouse as possible and contact law enforcement.

There’s no teamwork

Spouses are supposed to present a united front on everything, whether it be decisions about work, kids, or other day-to-day issues. Furthermore, that teamwork mindset should come naturally to both parties. If you are both going in different directions, it’s a sign of big problems.

Financial stress

Believe it or not, financial stress in marriage is the No. 2 reason for divorce on many leaderboards, right behind infidelity. Destruction of financial trust generally occurs in one of two ways: one spouse feels like they are being controlled or taken advantage of, or the spouse who is earning all of the money feels like the other spouse is wasting it. If you feel like you’ll never get on the same page financially, you should consider divorce.

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