6 Common Reasons People Get Divorced
6 Common Reasons People Get Divorced

6 Common Reasons People Get Divorced

Reasons People Get Divorced. The New York Times was bold enough to estimate that 2.6 million weddings would take place before the end of 2022. After all, marriage is a beautiful institution, and millions of couples cannot wait to walk down that aisle and start their new lives together. The reality, however, is that 50% of all marriages end in divorce. So while we hope those unions will flourish, some couples will suffer rocky times and choose divorce as the answer.

Why do so many marriages fail? More often than not, it is because of these common reasons people get divorced:


Cheating on your spouse is one of the more cited reasons for divorce in the United States. And when it happens to you, it creates such a devastating feeling of betrayal that it is difficult to imagine your spouse being capable of doing anything worse. The good news is that adultery does not always lead to divorce. In fact, many couples find a way to reconcile, even in the face of what seems like shattering circumstances.

Financial Distrust

While studies point to adultery as a key factor in marriage breakdowns, money touches everything. For some, that may mean one spouse is a known gambler. For others, it is that one spouse is the saver, and the other is a spender. In extreme cases, one feels like the other spouse is hiding money. They cannot quite prove it yet, but there are plenty of red flags. Hiding money, assets, income, and even debt is a bigger problem in marriages than you think and can lead to divorce.

Lack of Communication

A sign of an unhappy marriage is when couples simply stop talking, even when, on the surface, nothing appears to be wrong. Perhaps you have no desire to share with your spouse how your day went or what you are feeling or going through. In fact, you may be sharing exciting news or failures with friends or someone else instead. While these examples may not sound like a reason to end a marriage, a lack of healthy, clear communication can lead to misplaced expectations on everything from spousal responsibilities to money, intimacy, and more.

Intimacy Issues

Another common reason people get divorced is if there is little to no intimacy. More than just sex, lack of intimacy includes kissing, hugging, or hand-holding.

Too Much Arguing

Marriage is not easy, and all couples fight. But it is not normal to argue every day, and the results of a high-conflict marriage are stress, frustration, anger, resentment, and, in some cases, divorce. More often than not, too much arguing is indicative of a bigger problem and should be worked out through counseling.

Abuse and Violence

The ramifications of family violence are far-reaching, and for the victims, the emotional and physical ripple effects can be felt years down the road. So while plenty of spouses have found ways to overcome challenges in their relationship, including many of the examples above, physical or emotional abuse of any kind is enough reason to leave now.

How Can You Avoid Many of These Common Reasons for Divorce?

If you feel disconnected or unhappy with your marriage but still want to avoid divorce, consider meeting with a marriage counselor or someone in your life who exhibits the signs of a happy marriage. Perhaps it is someone who has faced the exact same battles you are going through (infidelity, distrust, financial struggles, etc.), pondered divorce, and found a way to reconcile. How did they do it? What changed in their relationship?

More often than not, they can inject a healthy perspective into a bleak situation. This improves your decision-making and shows you and your spouse why your marriage is worth fighting for.

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