5 Ways You Can Have A Healthy Divorce
5 Ways You Can Have A Healthy Divorce

5 Ways You Can Have A Healthy Divorce

Healthy Divorce. There is no denying that going through a divorce or separation is an emotionally difficult event. But not every divorce has to involve spouses going after each other like a pack of wild wolves.

Many clients we work with seek a healthy and amicable end to their relationship.

Here are five ways to have a healthy divorce:

Cooperate and communicate

You may be struggling internally with your marriage ending, but the process doesn’t have to be a battle between two people who are bent on making things difficult. Keep a clear mind, be respectful in all situations, and be open for a little give and take. If emotions are still too high, you may even want to wait a bit before starting to discuss the resolution of the case. In you cannot wait, consider mediation early in the process with a competent lawyer and mediator to ease the pain of the process. Regardless, you should have a list of important things to talk about when discussing the resolution of your case so that more is accomplished with each conversation. If you do any of these suggestions, you and your spouse could avoid costly hearings and a trial.

Make requests, not demands

Demanding something from someone almost always leads to emotions spilling over because neither side wants to give an inch, even if simply based on principal. Instead of coming across as demanding, choose your words carefully and make suggestions and requests. This allows your spouse to share their feelings rather than feeling attacked or backed into a corner.

Keep your children top of mind

No matter how a divorce shakes out, your children’s lives will be impacted. And even before that, parents often become so preoccupied with the process that they forget their children are stuck in the middle. As a married couple, the most important duty is to show your children what a healthy relationship looks like — even if it is coming to an end. The only way to change the results is to change what you are doing.

Let your divorce lawyer take the wheel

If you want to achieve your goals in your divorce case and remain sane even in the most overwhelming of situations, you need to make sure you let your divorce lawyer take the front seat and do the work for you. Sure, there is prep work that you can do to eliminate unnecessary costs and make their jobs easier, but allow your lawyer the opportunity to develop a case strategy in consultation with you. They can even speak for you to avoid unnecessarily unhealthy conversations.

Seek help from a counselor

No one is prepared to deal with the emotions of a divorce. Even if it’s something you know is for the best. This is where sitting down one-on-one with a counselor, your pastor, and even a psychologist can help you process your feelings quietly and confidentially and help you adjust to change.

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