5 Tips For Spouses Who Are Still Working From Home Together During COVID-19
5 Tips For Spouses Who Are Still Working From Home Together During COVID-19

5 Tips For Spouses Who Are Still Working From Home Together During COVID-19

5 Tips For Spouses Who Are Still Working From Home Together During COVID-19

We should all enjoy the opportunities we have to spend more time with our spouse. I’m sure you agree that we don’t get enough of those precious moments in today’s hectic world. But over the past seven months, many couples like you have spent more time with their spouse than they bargained for while working from home together during COVID-19.

While fun at first, little things are starting to bother you about working together remotely. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Having to use the dining room table as a shared office space
  • One spouse constantly reads out loud
  • Loud Zoom meetings
  • Limited Wi-Fi
  • A spouse that slurps their morning coffee
  • Getting in each other’s way
  • Not being able to concentrate or be as productive
  • No personal space

You both love each other; it’s not like you’re headed for divorce. But you’re at your wit’s end. And so is your spouse.

So what’s the answer?

Here are 5 tips for spouses who are still working from home together during COVID-19:

Reestablish ground rules

Remote working is nothing new. But if you’re still having problems working from home together during COVID-19, it’s because you didn’t set ground rules at the beginning, or one or both of you has let them slide. Sit down together and discuss what each person’s expectations, boundaries, and needs are, then be intentional about enforcing or honoring those requests. Maybe it’s something as simple as knocking before entering a room or taking loud Zoom meetings out onto the patio. None of it will be perfect, but if everyone puts their best foot forward, the working conditions will improve.


Beyond establishing ground rules, communicate with each other about what each of you has planned for the day. After all, not every workday is the same, right? So if you happen to have three conference calls scattered throughout the day, let your spouse know in advance so they can plan their work schedule accordingly and give you the space you need for those calls. If your spouse plans to work on a big project between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. and can’t step away, it’d be nice to know that information ahead of time so that you don’t unintentionally interfere with their plans.

Change up your work schedules

This tip may not work for everyone, but a friend of our firm who is a writer told us that he has started getting up at 4:30 a.m. on most days. On other days, he may work late at night instead. Doing so has given him four to five hours of uninterrupted work time each day. It has added flexibility to his day and helps his wife because she doesn’t have to hear him loudly typing away nearby while trying to concentrate on her work.

Separate workspaces

Having a designated workspace, especially during a pandemic where you’re forced to work remotely, just makes sense for everyone involved. Sometimes, all you have is a single dining room table to share. But if it’s possible, consider separating your workspaces. Maybe one of you doesn’t mind sitting on the patio to work or sit at a makeshift table in one of the bedrooms. Find what works for both of you.

Exercise/Find alone time

We all need to step away from work to destress, and perhaps that’s no more important than when you’re working from home together during COVID-19. Sitting in the house all day can make anyone stir crazy, so make time to be by yourself. Schedule that time (gym time, walk in the park, etc.), and let your spouse know. It sure beats getting stressed and lashing out at the closest person to you in the office — which in this case is your spouse.

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