5 Positive Things To Do After Your Divorce Is Final
5 Positive Things To Do After Your Divorce Is Final

5 Positive Things To Do After Your Divorce Is Final

5 Positive Things To Do After Your Divorce Is Final

If you do a quick online search for things to do after divorce, several of the top results tell you what NOT to do.

“Don’t do this …” “Don’t do that …”

What about the things you SHOULD do? What are the positive things to do after your divorce is final? The divorce itself was likely already an emotionally draining event filled with stress over the relationship ending, feelings of betrayal, arduous custody battles, disputes over property division, scheduling visitations, etc. All of it can stop you dead in your tracks, and once it’s over, you’re suddenly staring down an unknown path that you never imagined having to take.

Most families are ill-prepared for life after divorce. Here are five positive things to do after your divorce is final.

1. Do an introspective review of your life

Learning about who you are and why you are where you are is very enlightening and provides a great opportunity for growth. If you have children, you should take courses on how to co-parent and how to understand what your children are going through. You should learn through this process how to identify stresses from the divorce. For so long, people have believed that there is a negative stigma with mental health treatment. I just don’t believe that’s the case anymore. People realize how much can be gained from appropriate types of therapy. Both adults and children benefit from counseling.

2. Surround yourself with loved ones and have fun

Take the time to separate yourself from all the negativity. Go on vacation with your children, visit friends you haven’t seen in a while, and spend more time with family members who were there for you – and were positive – throughout the divorce. Do whatever you think is good for your soul.

3. Be respectful in the new relationship with your former spouse

Remaining positive when it comes to your former spouse, especially in front of your children, is one of the best things you can do both before and after the divorce is final. You have to remember that this is still the parent of your child, so deal with the issues in the marriage constructively with the realization and expectation that you will continue to have a relationship with this person because you have children together. People respect those who respect their spouse – or ex-spouse. Kids will ultimately respect the parent who honors and respects their ex and the parent-child relationship.

4. Make a financial plan

Many spouses who get divorced, especially those who didn’t want the divorce to begin with and were perhaps blindsided by their former spouse’s decision, only know a life with two incomes coming into the household. This can be quite a culture shock. If you weren’t the manager of the household finances, it’s a great idea to sit down with a financial planner and get educated on ways to protect yourself and your family moving forward.

5. Wait before getting into another relationship

Loneliness should be expected after divorce. This is important to recognize because if you feel the need to fill that loneliness with another person, that’s a red flag. All new relationships are exciting, but when that wears off, you’re left with all the hard work that led to the divorce you are still going through – and the likelihood that you picked someone just like your ex is really high. I recommend waiting at least six months before getting involved with someone else.

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