5 Common Divorce Tips To Ignore
5 Common Divorce Tips To Ignore

5 Common Divorce Tips To Ignore

Common Divorce Tips. Everyone has divorce advice to give these days. Some is useful information, and the people dolling it out — friends, family members, co-workers, and the like — mean well and want the best for you. But you do not want to follow every tip you receive for a variety of reasons that range from lack of objectivity to lack of perspective and/or understanding of the facts in your case. 

At Nelson Law Group, PC, we keep our clients educated and armed with the best divorce advice during what is undoubtedly a difficult time in their life. If you have received advice, even from someone who has your best interests at heart, it is better to talk to an experienced divorce lawyer to ensure you are not being led down the wrong path unintentionally.

Here are 5 examples of divorce tips that you should.

1. Avoid the lawyer and handle the divorce yourself

A do-it-yourself divorce could be cheaper, but the bottom line is that most people going through a divorce do not know the law, how the law applies to your facts, and have a limited understanding of the divorce process. As a result, one wrong step can be very expensive in the long run. Divorces are fact-specific, and there are generally no bright-line rules that you can follow without experience.

2. Stay married for the kids

I am a firm believer in the sanctity of marriage and that the grass is always greener where you water it. So when there is an opportunity to save a marriage, I am all for it. Not to mention, children thrive in secure families where both parents are under one roof. With that said, staying in a bad and potentially dangerous relationship is not good for anyone, including your children. Avoiding divorce and staying married for the kids’ sake is generally not a good idea, and you could be setting the stage for your kids to follow your example of what marriage looks like.

3. Stash some money on the side that your spouse doesn’t know about

I cannot stress how horrible and dangerous this divorce advice is. Simply put, hiding money, assets, income, and even debt is illegal. It’s called fraud, and if your spouse or anyone else finds out that you are doing this, you could be on the hook financially for a lot more than just the money you originally tried to hide.

4. Change the locks sooner rather than later

Your home is marital property until the Court settles everything at the end of your divorce. So as rough as divorce can be, and as much as you do not want to be around your spouse, changing the locks on the house (something they have just as much right to as you do) is bad advice.

5. It’s time to find someone better

As much as you think dating during your divorce or immediately after the paperwork is signed and approved by the judge is OK, it can actually hurt you legally, financially, and emotionally. At the minimum, you will be distracted from dealing with your emotions properly. At worse, you could create confusion and chaos in your kids’ life, make it difficult to negotiate and reach settlements with your spouse, and possibly limit your settlement options.   If you start to date while your case is still active, you may add issues to your case that could be avoided.

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If divorce is the answer, you need a trusted advisor to guide you through each stage of your divorce and avoid the potential pitfalls of horrible divorce advice. We work diligently to achieve a result that ensures you receive what you are entitled to as you move forward onto the next stage of your life. The Nelson Law Group brings nearly two decades of experience in family law to each and every case. 

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