4 useful blog posts about parenting
4 useful blog posts about parenting

4 useful blog posts about parenting

4 useful blog posts about parentingNelson Law Roundup: 4 useful blog posts about parenting

Of all the blog topics we have posted over the years, from divorce to property division, child support, and everything in between, some of our most shared and popular articles are the ones we’ve written about parenting.

And why? Well, for starters, parenting – and the demands that come with it – is hard. And everything is magnified when divorce threatens to fracture your family dynamic. Whether it be debates over which parenting style is the most effective, finding ways to protect our children from the crazy world we live in, or the guilt we as parents feel when we must explain to our children why mommy and daddy don’t love each other anymore, everyone thinks they have the right answer.

But which is the best advice to listen to?

Parenting is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it is also the most rewarding. And from a business point of view, the perspective I gained from my childhood experiences make me uniquely qualified to sit with individuals – especially parents – who may be nearing the possibility of a divorce or have already seen their marriage come to an end and give them practical and sound advice. Yes, I am a lawyer, but I am compassionate about families and the impact a divorce has on people that make up that family. I decided a long time ago that I would create value for my clients as a lawyer – that I would create positives out of what are otherwise tricky situations.

Family law encompasses so many things, including giving advice on parenting. Your friends at Nelson Law Group, PC in Flower Mound, TX, are proud to say our library of blog posts on parenting and more is as comprehensive as it gets.

Below is a roundup of 4 useful blog posts about parenting:

Striking A Balance Between Helicopter And Free Range Parenting

Free range parents want to give their children as much independence as possible, while helicopter parents endlessly hover over their kids. What we have found is that neither extreme is the answer. This blog gives practical advice on having a more consistent parenting style with your children.

Choices And Consequences: Five Rules For Safe Internet Use

Today, the internet and the easy access to it through mobile devices allows the sharing of information at unprecedented rates. Mobile devices allow us to record our lives, share information to the world, and make comments on what is shared by others. The problem is the choices our kids make in how they use the internet may have unexpected consequences.

How Not To Become A Disney Dad

A Disney Dad spoils his children with love and affection out of sheer guilt from a divorce. This article outlines some tips on how not to become a Disney Dad.

4 Tips On How To Tell Your Kids You’re Getting A Divorce

Most parents struggle to answer that question. Many times, they’ve been so wrapped up in the nightly arguments with their soon-to-be-ex, exploratory visits with family lawyers, and their own daily emotional rollercoaster that they forgot about the children, who have heard the back-and-forth bickering and are scared, confused, and likely blaming themselves.

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