4 Reasons Not To Date During Your Divorce
4 Reasons Not To Date During Your Divorce

4 Reasons Not To Date During Your Divorce

During your divorce, you or your spouse may be tempted to date someone new. This could be for various reasons: to take your mind off the pain of the separation, inject some much-needed happiness into your life, feel wanted and loved, avoid being alone, or simply jump-start your new life. Being in a relationship with someone who boosts your self-esteem during a very difficult time and is actually interested in you is completely natural. It’s also not a good idea.

As much as you think dating during your divorce is OK, it can actually hurt you legally, financially, and emotionally. For those reasons and so many more, our advice is to hold off on dating until your divorce is in the rearview mirror.

Here are 4 reasons not to date during your divorce:

1. You’ll be distracted from dealing with your emotions

While nothing is as exciting as a new romance, you have to deal with your emotions if you ever plan to let go of all the pain, anger, low self-esteem, and other emotions you have bottled up inside you. Not dealing with them means you’ll never be ready to fully commit to a new relationship. You may also end up repeating the same mistakes that you made in your relationship.

2. Dating during your divorce affects your children

We have always said the real losers from a divorce are children. None of this is their fault, yet they must learn to deal with their own emotions and adjust to their new reality. Dating creates confusion and chaos and more than likely pulls your attention away from helping your children cope and places it where it doesn’t need to be. Your children deserve your undivided attention now more than ever.

3. Dealing with your spouse will be harder if you date

Though it is really none of their business, how do you think your soon-to-be-ex-spouse will react when he or she finds out you are seeing someone else? More often than not, it will not be pleasant, making negotiating, reaching settlements, etc., that much more challenging. It is better to avoid escalating conflict by not dating during your divorce.

4. Your divorce settlement options could be limited

Even if you and your spouse know the marriage is over, you are still married until a judge says otherwise. If you are in spending money on someone else, that could raise the issue of waste of community assets for the money you spend dating, etc.

Simply put, a key to resolving your divorce is avoiding unnecessary issues.  Injecting a third party into the divorce is one of the most common mistakes people make while trying to get divorced and it invariably causes issues regarding the kids and finances…

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